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You’ll find all the languages you’re learning listed in the sidebar. If you’re learning a new language, tap the + symbol to create a new word book, then start building your vocabulary.

Cloning a repository

Translate new words

Any teacher will tell you, there's nothing more important than a good dictionary. But why use just one? At the touch of a button, compare translations from Google, Bing, Word Reference, Reverso... and more.

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Self Testing

Practice makes perfect

Sometimes the simplest way is the best. Self-testing with flashcards is probably the single most effective way of learning.... well, anything. So when you've got a minute to spare, you're standing bored in a queue, whip out your favourite device and get practising.

Focus your efforts

Want to know how you're doing? Just take a look at the progress bars next to each category - verbs, nouns, or any grouping of your choice. So you might have animals down pat. But what about furniture? Or clothes? Sports? It's easy to focus in on what needs that bit of extra attention.

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Ever had that feeling you've seen a word before, but can't find it in your notebook? Frustrating, right? Thanks to instantaneous search, you can double-check any words you've learned in a flash.

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What if you lose your phone? Disaster? Nope, just export all your words into an email at the touch of a button. A simple table of all your words.

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